Registering your Client Profile:

Every login page will bear the same ‘Click here to Register’ link. You can find a video demonstration of this by following the link – How to register.Login

You will be registering with your Zip Code and will be prompted to put it in. Once you click continue, you will be redirected to an empty profile. Please let the office know if you get a message that says, “This business may not be servicing this area at this time. Please contact the business office to see if your area can be serviced.”Registration

Filling out your profile:

You’ll start with a Username and e-mail address. We suggest using something personal and unique to you. If you get the message that a username is already in use, then you must select something else.

New Client Profile

Once you’ve filled out all your login and name information, you can move on to filling out the rest of the profile. Please fill all required fields and click ‘Continue.’ This will take you to the next screen, where you can fill out your Pet’s profile.

Filling out your Pet’s profile:

The only required fields for a Pet profile is Name, Type, and Gender. The office would ask that you fill out everything on this page that you can for the safety of both the animals and the sitters visiting them.Empty Pet

Once you are done, hit Save. You will see your pet populate in the list. To further edit your pet, click the View/Edit link provided.Competeled pets

From here, you are ready to schedule your first appointment!

Navigating the website:

As a client, you can do three things in the Power Pet Sitter portal. All of these things will be accessible by the three tabs in your navigation bar.Nav bar

The tab in orange will be the page you’re currently looking and you will always default to the ‘Schedule Appointment’ tab.

Edit My Info: This tab will be your profile. It’s where you can update your billing information, alarm information, credit card information and everything else you might need. It is also how you’ll navigate back into your Pet’s Profile, by using the ‘View My pets’ button.view my pets

Schedule Appointment: This tab is the one you will automatically see upon logging in. You can find a video demonstration of how to book an appointment by following the link.

Schedule App 1

  • Name your appointment
  • Select your start date
  • Decide if you want this appointment to recur, or if it will be a onetime, non-recurring appointment.
  • Hit continue.

This will move you to the next screen.

Schedule app 2

  • If you’ve selected more than one date, verify which dates are to be scheduled.
  • Select if the visits will be the same for both days.

    If Yes, you will be moved onto a single instance of the next screen.

    If No, you will be asked to put in each visit for each day individually.

  • Hit Continue.

This will take you to the screen where you will choose what services you would like.

Schedule App 3

  • Select the Service you’d like.
  • Select the Time block you want the service done in
  • Select any additional services (Tip, Medication, etc.)
  • If using additional Services, mark which pet is receiving the service, if applicable.
  • Hit Continue.

Schedule App 4

Once you hit continue. You will be redirected to your Summary Page. This is where you can add notes and edit your appointment further.

Review My Appointments: If you need to make any changes to an appointment that you’ve already scheduled, you can edit and review it by accessing this tab. You are always able to view past and current appointments and their details by clicking ‘View’. This will show you the summary of each appointment and it’s total.
ReviewIf your appointment has not started, you will be able to edit the appointment, in one of three ways. If you want to go through all the dates you’ve selected, edit through the Review Screen. If you want to edit a single date of an appointment, edit the day through the blue link date in the Summary Page.

From Review Screen: Simply click ‘Edit’. This will take you all the way through the scheduling process again from the beginning, allowing you to make multiple edits to the whole appointment.

From Summary Screen: Sum example

a) Click the linked date of the individual day you want to edit. This will allow you to add or delete visits from that day without affecting the rest of the appointment.

b) Click on the orange Edit button. This will take you to the beginning of the scheduling process for the whole appointment.

Any other questions, or questions about services provided, should be directed to the business owner. This is a general guide for using the Power Pet Sitter Software.

Client Frequently Asked Questions – Found here