Can we contact our Specialists directly?
Our Huggable Specialists are very special indeed (and feel free to hugg them!), but even they need a break sometimes. In order to ensure someone can always answer when you need our services, we ask you to direct your messages to or simply call 612-834-5036.

Should I leave notes with special instructions for my Huggable Specialist?
Everyone loves a good note! But, to ensure our purr-inducing quality of service, we pre-fur that you put all important information and care instructions into our online profile system. This way, we can access it at all times, and we don’t have to worry about any “my dog ate my note!” situations!

Do you have info that just purr-tains to one particular visit? No sweat (or panting) – simply click the blue notebook icon on the services summary page to add visit-specific notes for your Huggable Specialist.

Will I get an “all-set” notification after each house visit?
Of course, if you like! We have our very own Doggy Log system (not that kind of doggy log, silly) for sending e-notes about how your little friend did after each visit. There’s a small admin cost for this service, but heck — nothing beats peace-of-mind.

If you’re the old-school type, we’ll happily leave a handwritten note. Sometimes, life truly is easy!

What if my pet isn’t a dog or cat?
Then get out! No, ha-ha, we’re kidding. We love pets of all types, no matter how many wings or gills or feet they have. They do not need their own appointment in addition to your Fancy Feline or Captivating Canine visits; we just ask that you book a “Super Sit” session so we can give everyone the attention they crave! (If you haven’t signed your pet bird up for a Huggable Muggs® sing-off yet, they’re missing out.)

Can I tip my Huggable Specialist?
We thought you’d never ask! Our specialists love being praised for their hard work, and tips are of the best ways to show your appreciation. (Affectionate pats on the head accepted as well.)

You can leave cash for your Specialist or add an online gratuity at the time of your booking.

Are walks included in Captivating Canine visits?
Absolutely. We usually take our pups on walks right after they eat. If your fluffy friends require special care or have menu-length diet instructions — you know who you are — we encourage you to book a Super Sit so we can give any special care needed and still have time for a lovely walk. Now, who’s ready to be a good boy?

Do I really need to fill out my profile and my pet’s profile completely?
Yes, please! We’ve got this nifty little app that lets us access any instructions or special info we might need on the go, but it only works if you fill it out. (If it feels like a hassle, try covering it in peanut butter — that always works for our pups!)

Will you clean up inside messes?
If we see it, we clean it! No one likes showing up to a doggy-bombed home, so if your pet has an accident before or after we show up we’ll do our best to fix it.

Of course, we’re exceptional pet sitters, but only a decent maid service. You may want to give the spot another cleaning just to be sure!